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Her Trendy Decor

It is such a humbling experience to see that your customers love an appreciate what you do and they express their gratitude by giving the world insight on how much they appreciate your business. That makes the job incredibly enjoyable.

Thank you for the support to all my lovely customers out there!

Victoria Elizabeth Designs

One of my favorite designers. She designs with such boldness and elegance. Most designs are captivating and definitely intriguing.

Bedroom Decor

exif_temp_image (51).JPG

Everyone needs a little bedroom decor.

Compliments from one of our lovely clients.

   Customer Appreciation!

Her Trendy Designs

Love these! Great Quality, and nicely made. Love that they have a shimmer to the fabric. They look beautiful on my brown leather couch. Thanks!

Her Trendy Decor Design. The bold and the beautiful. I have definitely always love the bold details of design. They add spunk and character to the entire project. The bold and colorful, I feel conveys a story of quality, happiness and fearlessness. 

Crushed Red Velvet Lumbar Decor Pillow Belgium

exif_temp_image (38).jpg
exif_temp_image (39).jpg
exif_temp_image (28).jpg

I am really appreciative to those that appreciate what I do. Thank you for using our handmade neutral woven design for your photo shoot. Thank you Suitley. 

Victoria Elizabeth Designs

One of my favorite designers. Victoria Elizabeth 

Designs. Very bold wall coloring with some neutral decorative pillows to compliment the arrangement.

Mint green textured designer pillow and the Black Pearl Smoked Grey. Two of my favorite designs

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